Sunday, April 6, 2008

warm weather...finally!

Well the last two days have been gorgeous here in Ann Arbor. I must say that I don't do well with the cold, even mild cold. I was able to enjoy both warm, beautiful days for different reasons. Saturday I spent with the Marshall side of the family and was able to be a part of my sister-in-law's, Katie, baby shower. Now if you haven't heard this yet, she is pregnant with twins. It was a very fun baby shower and what a great day for celebrating the coming of the two little girls.

Today, I was able to get out in the yard this afternoon. Now, I kept telling myself I was "planning" on getting out there at some point. But after I did some shopping and came home to find the neighbors on both sides working in their yards, I felt guilty and knew I really had to get out there. I don't want to be known as the neighbor who doesn't take care of their yard. So as the smell of burning leaves filled the air, I worked trying to clear some of the remains of last fall. It always feels great to be outside!! So I took a few pictures of what is growing the front yard these days...and alas, there are some actual flowers...yes! And to be honest, I am not exactly sure what is going to pop up this spring, as several people did some planting this fall. So it will be quite the surprise to see what starts blooming.

Here are also a few shots of the girls. They are getting big and more than ready to be outside...hopefully soon! All of our neighbors are excited there are going to be chickens around. I met a neighbor a few houses down today and as he found out there were going to be chickens he exclaimed, "chickens in Frains lake again...alright!!". Apparently he used to raise 125 chickens back in the day and so I told him I was coming to him if we had any questions.

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Larry and Connie said...

Amy, your yard looks great. Grandma and I stopped by to pick up Bill as we headed out to Zingermans to do a Tour de Food. We saw your iris beginning to come out as well as your tulips. Can't wait to see it all in bloom as we know how much was planted this past fall.