Tuesday, April 1, 2008

plans in motion

well, the plans are in motion to begin building the chicken coop. yes! as much as i love my chickens, they need to not be on the front porch any longer!! bill and his dad spent a good portion of the rainy sunday afternoon clearing an area for where we hope to build the chicken coop. originally we thought we were going to redo the scary shed, but it looks like we are going to start from scratch (and hopefully turn the scary shed into a potting shed/greenhouse some day). bill and his dad have already started talking about plans and how this is all going to work out over the next few weeks. we have to think of things like "15 feet from neighbors property", "how to get electricity running out there", "enough space for the girls to be comfortable", "free range versus enclosed chicken run" and all those kinds of crazy things. hopefully in a few weeks there will be pictures to show of the new mansion for the girls.

this week is also my spring break. i hope to start the tomato seedlings this week. pretty exciting!! of all the things we are going to grow in the garden, i think i am most excited about the tomatoes. we have chosen several different heirloom varieties and i am especially excited to see what ends up flourishing in the backyard (or at least hoping that something will grow...).

this week also held an update from the holistic doctor...for those of you interested, he said things are going great and a lot of the problems i had before are no longer problems. i am especially proud of my liver no longer struggling!! with this, my diet also gets less restrictive, which is extremely exciting for me. hello rice, potatoes, corn, and squashes!! can't wait!

just wanted to give an update on things as its been awhile. grace and peace!

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Larry and Connie said...

Good to hear the updates from the Dr. Fun eating ahead. You've done an amazing job with your restrictive diet. I'm sure you will have plenty of your own squash in the months ahead. Yes, those girls sure would like to be out of doors. Especially like a day like today. Enjoy your spring break! love mom "M"