Sunday, March 2, 2008

new home and new looks

At the prompting of my sister who would like to keep up on her "niece-chicks", I knew I needed to add another post. Sorry for the delay in posting, but to use a terrible excuse, we didn't have any batteries for our camera. So my wonderful husband bought some the other day and here are the latest pictures.

The girls have grown...big time. Here are a few of their most recent pictures. Now, whenever I post pictures of the girls, I feel like it doesn't do them any justice. Like people probably look at them and go "I can't tell a difference from the last pictures". Hopefully you will be able to tell this time, as they actually look like miniature chickens these days. They are in their teenage stage, I think.

Now, there are two definite things I would like to point out from these pictures. One, the girls have a new home. Bill built a new home (more like a mansion compared to the condo they used to be in) for the girls about a week ago. This is only temporary as the cardboard boxes were way to small and we had to get them out of there, but at the same time pretty soon they will need even more space. Hopefully there will be another temporary upgrade in the future, and in the not so distant future, they will actually be outside in the coop that is yet to be built.

Second thing I would like to point out from these pictures...they have already learned how to get out of their new home. Already several times today I have walked in there and have had to pick up a few girls and put them back inside their home. Seriously, this is really not what I want to be doing with my Sunday afternoon. I imagine pretty soon I am going to be sitting on the couch reading or something and in will walk one of the girls just checking out the rest of the house. Bill and I (or should I just say Bill because I am not so hot with the creative engineering of coops) will have to figure out how to keep them in there. Ah, the joys of raising chickens! Thanks to everyone who has started saving their egg cartons for us. We really appreciate it and can't wait till the day that we get to start using them. (below are the views of the new home, please disregard how dirty it is as its "changing day" for their bedding and that is always one task that I wait for Bill to do together and he is currently at work!! isn't he lucky he has a patient wife?!?!)

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