Wednesday, July 29, 2009

put in your orders....

well, i thought i would blog a lot more when i wrote in march, but i obviously havent had the chance. but i am going to try again.

i am excited to announce that the baby chickes are on their way. bill ordered 20 some odd new chickens the other day and we are just waiting for them to arrive at the post office. i dont know how i got suckered into 20, but it happened. so, we are going to have to make some additions to the coop, like more roosting space and also a bigger fenced in area. i am really looking forward to the new chickens as we are going to have several different breeds this time. this means hopefully i can tell them apart this time and also a variety of egg colors. by my calculations we should be getting eggs in november, so if you want to buy some local eggs, please just ask as we will be getting around a dozen and a half eggs a day. needless to say i dont eat that many eggs in a day.

my little babe is doing well, but he obviously keeps me busy. he just turned 6 mos. old the other day. here is a recent picture:
i hope to be putting up new pics of the chickens when we get them. i also hope to post some pictures of the improved coop. besides that the adventures in the backyard include cutting down some trees for more light and open area. we also have several raised beds of tomato plants and a few beans and peppers. i envision adding a bed or two each year, but for right now this is plenty. if we ever get tomatos (the cool weather isnt helping nor is day after day of rain), then we will be busy canning for quite some time.

until another day...

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